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Bambini di Nosy Be

You will be amazed at how exciting and fun it can be 

explore the world through their eyes! 


By planning and with the right approach you will be able to enjoy a family trip

to discover Nosy Be and unforgettable Madagascar.

An experience that will remain forever in the soul of you parents and your children


Nosy be is characterized by a multitude of endemic animal and plant species that will enrich the eyes of children and you parents while you will be overwhelmed by a culture made of smiles, calm, colors, scents and a deep happy soul connected to nature.


Our expert guides will follow and assist your children  guaranteeing their safety on every excursion both in water and on land and, moreover,

thanks to private locations on the islands, they can rest in the shade.

We recommend covering and protecting children well from the sun with SPF +50 sunscreen, hats (light colors), sunglasses, t-shirts for swimming without getting burned and we also suggest bringing personal armbands or life jackets and a mask for the activities in water.

Nosy Be is a quiet island, the people are friendly and there are no dangerous or poisonous animals, neither in the water nor on land. 

Bambini di Nosy Be
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