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Experts in the kinggwing emotions

We are a Tour Operator

We take full care of the organization of your trip, from the stay to the inclusive package of excursions and special services,

or we make dedicated itinerariesonly to sea and land excursions of the archipelago of Nosy Be and the north of Madagascar

(Flights are excluded)

Experts in giving emotions

Young people, Italians and Malagasy.

We have made Nosy Be our home and for some it always has been.


We believe in the magic of travel,

that unique experience that will remain forever in your memories,

doing discover the soul of our land respecting the environment

and the people who live there, away from mass tourism and in unique locations.


Helping you leave prepared with a light heart,

developing tailor-made itineraries based on each request

and following you from arrival to departure at the airport.

We will never leave you alone!


Mada In was born in 2009 with Paolo Attanasio,

originally from Tuscany but transplanted to Nosy Be as a boy,

to accompany the few tourists who arrived on the island

to discover the wonders of this tropical paradise.


Shortly after the activity she is put into hibernation to make room

to other job opportunities in a Big of Nosy Be tourism

where you will then meet Bruno and Adolphe,

the veteran sea and land guides, Jacquit and Nasser, the captains

and all the rest of the Team.


They start working together for a few years until,

in 2018, a young Italian couple lands on the island,

Sara Alberti and Danilo Nicotra, to work

in the same tour operator inside the tourist village.


Between laughter and a few whispered dreams at dinner over the course of the season, at the beginning of 2019 Paolo, Sara and Danilo decide to join forces and start their own independent Tour Operator,

hiring their local guides Bruno and Adolphe, the rest of the team and, above all, following their instinct driven by the desire to offer sustainable tourism, attentive to the environment, respectful of the local culture and the needs of every traveller.

There is no lack of will to get involved and it is precisely this spirit that brought Mada In to grow exponentially.

From the first Malagasy hut office in 2019 to today,

despite the 24-month stop caused by the covid-19 pandemic,

have developed solid collaborations with local and European Partners,

attracting travelers from all corners of the world

thanks to the simple power of social sharing.

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