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Nosy Be is the best known tourist island of the archipelago off the northwest coast of Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world located on the southwest coast of the African continent.

Of volcanic origin, Nosy Be in the Malagasy language means "Big Island", but it is also known as "Nosy Manitra" or "Perfume Island".

It is surrounded by an archipelago of other smaller islands that you will discover during your stay and, among these, the best known are: Nosy Komba (lemur island), Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja (one of the most beautiful islands in the world ) and many more..

The first colonizers of Madagascar were the Arabs, it took them 14 days to get there and at that time the months were counted through the lunar phases, hence the meaning of your name, or "Half Moon".

The island was born from a detachment from the African coast that took place about 160 million years ago, this allowed the development of a natural habitat for thousands of endemic species, such as lemurs and baobabs.

How to arrived at Nosy Be?


From Italy:

  • Milano – Nosy Be

  • Roma – Nosy Be

 Weekly direct flights with Neos or with a stopover in Addis Abeba (Etiopia) wirh Ethiopian Airlines

From France:

  • Parigi/Marseille – Milano and coincidences with Milano – Nosy Be

  • Parigi/Marseille – Antananarivo and coincidences with Antananarivo – Nosy Be

  • Parigi/Marseille – La Reunion and coincidences with La Reunion – Nosy Be

  • ​Parigi/Marseille – La Reunion and coincidences with La Reunion – Nosy Be





Air Madagascar

XL Airways

From England:

  • Voli Londra – Milano and coincidences with Milano – Nosy Be

  • Voli settimanali Londra – Johannesburg and coincidences with Nosy Be



South African Airways

From Germany:

  • Voli Francoforte – Milano and coincidences with Milano – Nosy Be

  • Voli settimanali Francoforte-Johannesburg and coincidences with Nosy Be


South African Airways



From United States:

  • Voli diretti New York/Atlanta – Johannesburg and coincidences with Nosy Be



South African Airways

Air Link

From Brazil:

  • Volo diretto San Paolo – Johannesburg cand coincidences with Nosy Be


South African Airways

Air Link


  • Volo diretto Antananarivo – Nosy Be


Air Madagascar


  • Voli diretti Guangzhou – Antananarivo and coincidences with Antananarivo – Nosy Be


Air Madagascar

  • Voli diretti Pechino/Hong Kong – Johannesburg and coincidences with Johannesburg – Nosy Be 


South African Airways

Air China

Cathay Pacific

Air Link

  • Voli diretti Shanghai/Pechino/Hong Kong – Mauritius

  • coincidences with Mauritius – Saint-Denis (La Reunion)

  • coincidences with Saint-Denis (La Reunion) – Nosy Be 


Air Mauritius

Air Austral

What to pack?

  • Waterproof / K-way (excellent for sea tours / excursions)

  • Trekking/Tennis Shoes (Tour/land excursions) 

  • Beach slippers

  • Sun hat (don't forget!!) 

  • Sunglasses

  • Swimsuit 

  • Mosquito repellent 

  • Sun cream (the sun is very strong, high protection creams that do not pollute the ocean are recommended) 

  • Short wetsuit/Lycra shirt for activity snorkeling 


Nosy Be and Madagascar offer multiple handicraft products that can be purchased in the markets  or at stalls.

For some materials (wood, stones...) certifications, issued by the merchant, are required for export. 

In order to protect the habitat and biodiversity, è FORBIDDEN TO EXPORT:

  • sand

  • shells

  • spanimal and vegetable species

Health and vaccinations

No vaccine is required for Madagascar, however we recommend that you consult your doctor treating some core or booster vaccines (pertussis, yellow fever, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, rabies, typhoid, and hepatitis).


Stalthough there are hospitals, clinics and pharmacies all over the island, it is good:

  • follow sanitation and behavioral measures(csuch as drink only water in sealed bottles, use mosquito and flea repellents, do not bathe in fresh water due to the risk of bilharzia)

  • bring a first aid kit (gauze, plasters, disinfectant, thermometer, vitamins, food supplements, antibiotics, antihistamines, aspirin or paracetamol, antidiarrhoeal medicines...)

  • take out health insurancewhich includes the coverage of medical  expenses, transfers in other countries (South Africa or La Rèunion) and repatriation​.

Weather and time zone

In Nosy Be the tourist season begins towards the end of March and ends in December.


From the end of March to Maythe climate is very dry, due to the end of the rainy season.

The ocean temperature is warm with the presence of Plankton which makes the visibility of the water not the best and leaving a very light tingling sensation on the skin.

For this reason we always recommend bringing a short wetsuit or lycra shirt for snorkelling activities. 

From the month of June onwardsi the visibility will improve!

In the month of August (Malagasy winter) the climate will become cooler, which is why we suggest you bring something to cover up like a jacket, sweatshirts and sweaters for the evening.

The water temperature will be cold e this will allow the arrival of HUMP WHALES, a long-awaited moment on the island of Nosy Be. 

August it is certainly the central month to come to Nosy Be, the island fills up with tourists and plane tickets go up in price, but it is the perfect month for those who want to meet whales!


From October to December the climate becomes more humid and plankton are present again, but this guarantees the presence of the largest fish in the world: the WHALE SHARK.

You will have the opportunity to live another magical experience not to be missed, swimming with him! 

The rainy season starts around January, it doesn't rain every day, but the weather becomes unpredictable and you risk spending more time in the hotel than on excursions or around the island.

The Big Earth Tour (Madagascar) it is advisable to do it in the months from May to September, because in the months of November, December and January if it starts to rain it will be difficult to travel the roads.

The climate is a little different compared to the island of Nosy Be, for this reason we always recommend bringing long trousers and sweatshirts. 

Indeed, you will find a little cool in the north of Madagascar since it is almost always windy, especially in the city of Diego Suarez. 

Madagascar is located at GMT +3.

The island has a jetlag of:

  • +1h of southern Africa

  • +1h in summer/+2h in winter of Western EU (for countries that adopt daylight saving time)

  • +1h from Réunion and Mauritius

  • -4h of Thailand

  • -5h Singapore and Hong Kong

Ariary: the currency of Madagascar

The official currency of Madagascar is the Ariary,

entered into circulation from January 2005 instead of the Malagasy franc.

1€ = 4500 Ariary (variable)

Banknotes of 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 200 and 100 Ariary are in circulation.

Credit/debit cards may not work, with the exception of the Visa circuit, but only in hotels and luxury shops.

Therefore, we recommend that you bring banknotes that you can exchange for Ariary at the airport, at the bank,

at ATMs in the city or even at your hotel.

Before your arrival on the island, we suggest asking your accommodation if it is possible to make electronic payments, with which circuits and if the service is available currency exchange.


To enter Madagascar, and therefore also Nosy Be, the valid passport and that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry into the country.

Theview is released at the airportupon arrival and has different rates based on the length of stay on the island.

For a stay of less than 30 days the cost is 115,000 Ariary (about €35 at current exchange rates, variable) to be paid in cash upon arrival at the airport (Euro/Ariary)

Telephone and Internet

To call from Italy to Madagascar dial the code +261 and the telephone number

To call from Madagascar to Italy dial the code +39 and the telephone number

Wifi is present in many structures on the island, but it is also possible to purchase a local SIM with the operators Orange or Telma (put the link) to have Internet connection always.

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